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Book Early for 2019 with Terra Travel

Sometimes your most dreamed about holiday destination may seem almost impossible to reach. But the earlier you book, the more time you’ll have to pay off your holiday, making those intimidating payments far more manageable and that holiday you’ve always wanted within your grasp. And that’s just one of the benefits – there are plenty! If you’re already thinking about your 2019 holiday or perhaps you prefer to book last-minute, take a look at our reasons for booking early. In our eyes it’s always a winner. Have a look at some of our fantastic offers here


What’s great about booking early, is you get the pick of it all. If there’s a specific villa or Sea-View Room you have your eye on, you’ll have a better chance than most of getting it. There’s nothing worse than turning up late to a party and finding out the buffets almost finished – it’s the same with your holiday. The sooner you book, the more hotels and rooms you have to choose from. You’ll have the pick of flights too, meaning you can travel on your preferred dates.


Holidays are often the most exciting two-weeks of our year, and we want to make sure that the build up is as exciting as the holiday itself. Booking in advance means you can avoid any last-minute pressures – no one enjoys rushing around the shops last-minute to find that perfect beach outfit, we can vouch for that! There’s no pressure into booking a holiday that you only think’s ‘okay’ either. That simply won’t be an issue when you book in advance.


The full holiday cost is usually due 14 weeks before travel, so book with plenty of time to spare and you’ll be able to pay off a little each month, meaning that final balance won’t break the bank. Knowing it’s in your sights will make it so much easier to put those pennies away too; just think of those candle-lit dinners at sunset, the cocktails by the pool or the theme parks you’ll soon be enjoying.

Not only that, but it’s often the case that you can bag free kids’ places when you book early. Keep your eyes peeled for deals, as that’ll mean you’ll have even more spare cash to spend elsewhere!


The fun doesn’t stop once your holiday’s booked! That’s the time to start looking up the activities on offer at your hotel, the restaurants in the local area and the sight-seeing available, so you can soak up the atmosphere and culture of your chosen destination. From cooking classes, water parks, boat trips, once-in-a-lifetime safaris and city tours, these can be booked before you arrive, so you can guarantee you’ll see and do everything you wish to. It’ll save you that precious time while you’re away too, so you can relax from the moment you arrive.


Don’t deny it, we all love bragging about our upcoming holidays. The earlier you book, the more time you’ve got to share your upcoming plans with your friends, family and colleagues. Plus, you’ve got even more time to get excited about what’s to come!


Whether you know where you’re heading to next or you need further inspiration, call us today for a chat and to find out the very best 2019 holiday deals.

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