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Germany to Lift Ban on UK Visitors

Germany has announced that it will reopen its borders to UK travellers from Tuesday 4 January.

On December 19, Germany announced that a travel ban would be imposed on arrivals from the UK. This came in response to the rapid spread of the Omicron variant throughout Europe.

This travel ban meant that British tourists, business travellers and people embarking on family visits are currently banned from entering. With only German citizens and British residents allowed to enter the country, given that they take part in two weeks of mandatory quarantine.

The Robert Koch Institute, who currently monitor the Covid-19 numbers for the German government, have announced that from Tuesday 4 January the UK will be moved off of Germany’s severe “high risk” list.

Therefore, visits to Germany can resume on 4 January with quarantine periods no longer required for fully vaccinated travellers. Although, travellers will still be required to complete the online “digital registration” form.

Fully vaccinated UK travellers who currently are completing their quarantine period can also exit isolation on Tuesday 4 January.

However, it is still mandatory for unvaccinated UK travellers to complete 10 days of self-isolation. With the possibility of reduction to five days if a negative covid-test result is received.

Article credit: NI Travel News

Germany to Lift Ban On UK Travellers