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Maldives-a simply beautiful place to visit!

Everybody has a different perception of a destination.  Until you have been somewhere you will never truly understand what the culture, cuisine and local places are like. This is a top reason to visit as many places as you can.  The Maldives are not just for honeymooners they are for everyone and there are a wide range of activities for all age groups.  Check out our top tips for the Maldives which will help to make the most of your visit there.

1.Swim with the whale sharks or manta rays. There are only a handful of destinations where seeing them is guaranteed- so make sure you don’t miss out when you are here.

2. You may want to visit the Maldives to relax, however you simply must visit a local village to meet the locals.  You will understand the simple beauty of their culture. People live in communities where they are familiar with everyone and live like extended families with their neighbours. Traditional gender roles are generally followed here where men go out to work and women take care of homes, cooking and the children. Everybody is most welcoming.

3. Try your hand at a fishing trip, one of the main occupations on the island is fishing so they know where would be best to take you on a tour. There are all types from sunrise to sunset tours depending on what suits you. You will hear lots about the history from the tour guides and hopefully come across amazing creatures.

4. One of the most romantic activities is to take a sunset cruise and sip champagne and admire the flying fish and friendly dolphins. Watching the beautiful sunset will make your heart melt–what’s not to love!

5. Fancy taking a trip to the capital? Male is the capital of the Maldives, a fantastic place and one of the top ten things to do here. The pint-sized Maldivian capital is the throbbing, mercantile heart of the nation, a densely crowded and extraordinary place, notable mainly for its stark contrast to the laid back pace of island like elsewhere in the country.  Male is also pleasant and pleasingly quirky- alcohol-free bars and restaurants jostle with shops and lively markets and the general hubbub of a capital is very much present.

We hope that even if the Maldives doesn’t seem like one of your bucket list trips they may inspire you to think about one that is!!!