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Barbara‘s Sewing Superpower helps the NHS

Over the past few weeks one of our Terra Travel team has found a fantastic way to use her talent to help our NHS in the battle against Covid-19

Barbara has been volunteering her time with NI Scrubs – a group which has been working tirelessly to provide scrubs, bags, masks and headbands to all local NHS facilities across Northern Ireland

Barbara truly is a whizz with the sewing machine and her skills have seen her personally make over 100 sets of scrubs plus bags & masks!

The group so far have managed some pretty impressive achievements:

  • 12,919 scrub sets
  • 13,353 bags
  • 8,887 masks
  • 1,764 headbands

But they aren’t done yet! If there is anyone who can donate fabric or has the knack for sewing like Barbara, head over to he NI Scrubs Facebook group to see how you can get involved!

We are all incredibly proud of Barbara and of course the whole of the NI Scrubs group for helping to provide so many essential items to the NHS. They really are helping “one stitch at a time”.

Check out some of the items that Barbara has created!