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Brexit: How will it affect my holiday to Europe

After Brexit life goes on as normal for British families – and that includes making plans for holidays.

Here’s what we know about your holidays in the European Union after Brexit.

The EU rules also apply to travelling to Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein as well.

Am I OK to book a holiday in the EU?

If you are planning to travel to the EU in 2020, you can expect everything to stay the same as when the UK was still an EU member.

Under the UK-EU deal, there will be a transition period, when EU rules and regulations will still apply in the UK.

The transition after Brexit day lasts until the end of 2020. The deal allows for an extension by one or two years, but the UK government has ruled that out.

During the transition, the two sides will negotiate their future relationship.

So if you are booking a holiday for 2021 or beyond, your rights will depend on the future UK-EU relationship, which is yet to be negotiated.